Epic Burger Binge: Burger Breakdown – New Animation

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Hungry Harry is looking for his burger fix and when he discovers the local Burger Shack’s unbelievable deal, Harry is determined to eat them all.

“Just fill the bag.” – Hungry Harry


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Watch my new tutorial “Compose an Electrifying Energy Ball in Photoshop” on Youtube

Compose an Electrifying Energy Ball in Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lkRw7UVpwg

PC to TV through HDMI “No Signal”……SOLVED!

Ok, about a week ago, I tried to hook up my PC (video card: msi nvidia 650 gtx) to my VOX LED TV and got a “No Signal” static image on my TV. I checked my cables, and input selection. Everything was plugged in and selected correctly. The cable was high speed, which is what many forums deduced to be the issue, and the output resolution was appropriate for the TV.

I checked my Nvidia control panel and noticed that the PC was in fact able to recognize that a TV was attached, this was interesting because from my searching the fact that the PC could see the TV was an issue for some and was still completely ignored.

To recap, HDMI was correctly plugged in, the input was correctly selected, the resolution was appropriate, and my PC  was communicating with the TV. The only thing missing was picture on the TV.

Ok, now for the solution. It is incredibly simple. I took a cable box with HDMI output and plugged it in into the HDMI port of my TV. As expected, it worked flawlessly. Immediately after, I plugged in the PC through HDMI and a beautiful cluster of pixels came to life displaying my desktop.

Why did this work?

I was confused and somewhat angered that it required another device to “wake up” my TV’s HDMI ports for my PC. I was mostly upset because I had no other HMDI device before the cable box arrived and, had I not ordered it, I would still have no PC connection on my TV.

After some research I found only one explanation for this phenomenon. Apparently, the video card was not pumping out enough power through its HDMI port for the TV to initialize signal. As my TV was new and had never had anything plugged into the HDMI, my TV needed a little extra umph of voltage to display a picture through HDMI.

So, there you have it, if you have a new TV and your PC recognizes that a TV is hooked up but the TV displays “No Signal” do not panic. Simply hook up your BlueRay or XBOX or other HDMI device first and try your PC later.

I hope that this helps and if it does not I am sorry that you must remain in the labyrinth of unsolved “No Signal.”

Free eBook!

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Vertical Rush is a suspenseful thriller set in the mysterious depths beneath the luxurious Hilmont hotel. What skitters in the dark beneath the marble of the stunning Hilmont lobby? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

Here is a free preview of the book:

Joel’s wingtips clapped in echoing repetition on the black slate floor as he entered the Hilmont lobby. A bellhop graciously approached and offered to take his bag. With an outreached arm, Joel handed his bag over to the young man. The bellhop took hold of the bag and wheeled it along as the two men made way to the front desk.

Clicking keys, ringing phones, and inaudible chatter overwhelmed the three women working behind the counter. The flurry of activity came to a prompt end as one of the women made eye contact with Joel and, with a prominently displayed smile, greeted him to the Hilmont. The woman asked if he had a reservation.

Joel confidently leaned, resting his left elbow on the countertop, and smirked noticeably. Joel then answered with a simple yes. She blushed from his flirtatious tone and replied asking for his name. He gave it and looked away toward the entrance as she began typing. The street was busy with traffic. A black town car with a hired driver was stagnant by the guest drop off at the front entrance. A parade of cars whizzed by in the street behind the town car.

Breaking Joel’s purposeful moment of apathy, the clerk said, “Your room is a suite on the twelfth floor, number 1245. The reservation has been paid in full by a third party.” She began typing once more in a rapid assault on the keyboard. “Here is your key,” she held out a card.

Joel reached over with his right hand and took the key, touching her hand lightly as he pulled his own away. He nodded still smirking.

“Check out is by one on Sunday,” she turned her head slightly down and to the right as she spoke. Her body language was plain to read.

“Thank you. Perhaps we will see more of each other soon,” Joel replied. The young woman giggled and blushed. Pleased, Joel slid his arm off of the glass counter and turned toward the bellhop.

“The elevator is right this way,” the youthful man motioned with his free hand as he spoke. Turning on his heel, Joel aimed himself for the elevator and swaggered his way over in a smug manner. The lift was on the far wall nestled between an intricate wrapping staircase. Joel walked toward the center of the magnificent structure. The two sets of stairs curled widely around a furnished foyer that sunk beneath an overhanging landing and ended at the door to the lift. Joel ran his hand along the base of the railing as he passed it. His hands glided smoothly over the finished walnut, the stain on which contrasted beautifully with the bright marble walls and softly disappeared into the dark slate flooring.

Passing by the vacant leather furniture, Joel gave the up button a healthy press. The doors slid open immediately in an effortless motion. Casually, Joel stepped onto the platform, turned toward the front and pressed the button with the number twelve prominently etched on its surface. As quickly as it had opened, the lift doors closed and the mechanism smoothly engaged. The elevator immediately rushed upward at a comfortable pace.

Futurama Minions Animated!


I took the liberty of animating a few members of my minion family.



Stay on her good side. Leela minion is ready to fight. The minion legion grows. See the entire collection at deviantart.com by clicking the image.

Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.